Along with the health care service, medical community and related services, that try to meet the expectations of increasingly conscious customers, are growing in strength. This is precisely the moment, where medical staff must take on a new dimension, in order to ensure the best possible medical services.

Random accidents occur at different times, which does not mean that you have to sit in the office 24/7. Outsourcing can assure that every patient will be handled with great care when you are resting.

Why opt for a medical response service?

Medical service response allows for receiving submissions, even when the office is physically closed or medical staff is busy, without encountering any inconvenience. Our operators will serve as a front door to the organization arranging meetings, without increasing the workload of your team. ViaVox Poland has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you to handle all kinds of submissions – from calls, through emails, to video calls.

ViaVox Poland provides service to submissions of all kinds of medical care and supports a variety of organizations, regardless of its size. For patients the speed of undertaking submissions is important, which we provide for you, at any time of day or night.

Here’s what we propose as part of the service:

  • Handling Incoming Calls
  • Help desk
  • Appointment reminders and invitations
  • Recalling nurses and doctors in an emergency
  • Medical secretarial service

We can also provide:

  • Reports on call
  • Call centre recording and notifications
  • Automated service dispatch confirmation of acceptance
  • Mailings
  • Video interview
  • The update patient data during a telephone conversation
  • Informing physicians through:
    telephone, fax, e-mail and text message, voicemail

As part of our services, we can provide you with timely medical services and give a guarantee of support claims, which were not accepted because of lack of time or personnel. Consultants of ViaVox Poland undergo training in medical terminology, and how to handle urgent medical applications. We are prepared to react quickly and appropriately in emergency situations. We ensure that emergency calls are immediately sent to the doctor. We can provide you with medical service requests that can reduce operating costs by up to half.