Up-selling in the definition should prompt the customer to purchase a new product with better quality and usually at a higher price than the solution that was used so far. In ViaVox we know that up-selling is also a great tool to inform customers about additional capabilities and extended range, which is suggested to regular customers.

We guarantee an increase in sales and customer localization by building a personalized relationship with them. We have a team of experienced marketers who have already proven themselves in many industries:

  • occupational medicine
  • telecommunication services
  • banking
  • Digital TV

We are aware of how one product can cause desire to buy the next. By creating individual need for additional product from your company we give opportunity to raise efficiency of sales. We have the necessary experience of sales that is proven in hundreds of satisfied customers, thousands of services sold and millions of PLN earned for our customers. Outsourcing can save money on resources and connections, which we will do for you. Our managers regularly track the relevant buying patterns of customers, then develop effective sales strategies which can determine the ideal profile of the bidding for different kinds of products.